Make UK

Make UK, the manufacturers’ organisation, is the voice of manufacturing in the UK. We represent all aspects of the manufacturing sector, some 20,000 members employing over one million workers. 

Manufacturing in Wales accounts for £10.8bn of output, providing 147,000 jobs and these are some of the best quality jobs in the country, paying wages which average 25% higher than the rest of the economy in the region. The Food & Drink sector is the second highest manufacturing subsector at 15.5% of all manufacturing output.

Make UK supports members to stimulate success for manufacturing businesses, helping them to meet their objectives and goals. We empower individuals and we inspire the next generation. We’re at the cutting edge of innovation; leading the way in developing skills and driving competitive advantage for the UK.

We are focused on creating the most supportive environment for UK manufacturers to thrive, innovate and compete. We enable manufacturers to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities together through regional and national meetings, groups, events and advisory boards. We work at every level to ensure UK Manufacturing performs and grows, now and in the future.

Across Wales manufacturers have led the way on key societal challenges which we face – from healthcare to climate change, clean transport and green energy. Our membership covers all subsectors of manufacturing: engineering to pharma, chemical to food & drink, logistics and supply chains.

For more information please contact Janis Richards, Make UK Membership Director for Wales on 07920 117165 or