Menter Mon

Menter Môn is a not-for-profit company providing solutions to the challenges facing rural Wales. We work with businesses, communities and individuals to deliver meaningful projects that harness their strengths and contribute to a sustainable future.  

Menter Môn take pride in our local environment and we work hard to protect what makes us unique: our vast experience of protecting natural habitats and native species. We are proud to offer support to farmers, fishermen and food producers to add value to their produce, and to develop local and regional food supply chains. Innovation is also encouraged by adopting new methods of production, ensuring they can compete in a rapidly changing world.  

We want to create prosperous communities where the Welsh language thrives, housing is available for local people, and local young people are employed in high-quality jobs. Our renewable energy schemes complement the environmental work we are doing to protect the planet and tackle climate change, the creation of clean energy running alongside boosting the economy, providing opportunities for young people and benefiting communities.  

Menter Môn supports entrepreneurship and provides advice to individuals wishing to enter the business world; we are active in growth areas within the economy such as digital technology, renewable energy, and food and agriculture; and we are able to engage with regional networks. 

Whilst our work is varied, we aim to ensure we always stay true to our vision of ensuring local benefit: this is at the heart of all our projects, and celebrating what makes our communities stand out is a golden thread that runs through all of our work. Whether renewable energy schemes, promoting local food produce, improving broadband services in rural areas or promoting the Welsh language, everything we do stems from trying to ensure the prosperity of the communities in which we live and work.  

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