The ZERO2FIVE Food Industry Centre at Cardiff Metropolitan University provides food businesses with technical, operational and commercial support to enable them to compete more effectively. 

ZERO2FIVE employs experienced food and drink technologists, business specialists and senior lecturers and professors, and collectively this team specialises in all aspects of food and drink processing, manufacturing, and operational and technical issues. 

ZERO2FIVE is able to draw on expertise within Cardiff Metropolitan University which includes internationally recognised experts in food science, nutrition, dietetics, food legislation, environmental health, trading standards, new product development, and biomedical sciences. 

Our team of internationally recognised food industry experts are available to assist our clients across a variety of food disciplines including baking, dairy and meat technologies, hygiene management, packaging design, technical management systems, and new product development; while the business team can provide marketing, market analysis, new product development, and financial and trade engagement support.  We can also assist companies in sourcing funding, a major stumbling block in the development of many businesses. 

The state-of-the-art facilities within ZERO2FIVE are available for use by businesses and schools, and include a consumer sensory suite, four pilot-sized plants, a development kitchen and a consumer research kitchen.