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Cambrian Training:

Cambrian Training Ltd has a long pedigree in delivering training programmes that help businesses and individuals to grow and flourish, the company having been established in Welshpool, Powys, in 1995 as a subsidiary of Mid Wales Tourism to deliver vocational skills that supported the development of the region’s tourism sector.

Named after the famous Cambrian Mountains that rise through the heart of Wales, it was the communities, people and businesses within the region who were at the heart of what Cambrian Training was all about.

With a decline in agriculture and rural depopulation, vocational training and re-skilling were priorities to help strengthen the economic opportunities in rural Wales, and the company gained an enviable reputation throughout the UK for delivering high-quality training and development programmes which in turn supported the growing tourism sector.

In 2002 a management buy-out saw Cambrian Training become an independent company led by an experienced team committed to maintaining its base in Mid Wales while expanding geographically, the organisation also widening its work-based learning and skills and apprenticeship programmes into hospitality, food and drink, manufacturing, retail, business administration, financial services, child care, health and social care, and more.

With a purpose-built headquarters at Welshpool and offices at Holyhead, Colwyn Bay and Llanelli, today Cambrian Training works throughout Wales, our mission being to engage with young people, learners and employers across the country to involve them in quality training apprenticeship programmes. This will inspire businesses, their workforce, the next generation and the wider community to succeed and reach their career, business and life goals.

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