Sustainability Zone Sponsor

Levercliff are Category Consultants to the food and drink industry and have been providing insight, strategy and skills services to clients for almost 30 years, the essence of our approach being working in partnership with clients to help them achieve success by being consumer-focused.

In the recent landmark report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world’s leading scientists delivered their starkest warning yet about a deepening climate emergency. The impact of this is that all humans, every one of us a consumer of food and drink, need to help out in this emergency by making decisions which positively impact our environment.

As Category Consultants, Levercliff seek to continually influence our clients to take positive action to resolve consumer tensions. We know from our own consumer research that people worry about filling yet another rubbish bin with unrecyclable packaging, or feel some guilt while consuming products flown or shipped in from the other side of the world. These are examples of consumer tensions, and consumers urgently need solutions.

The climate change emergency presents food and drink producers with a huge challenge but also a huge opportunity: to produce food and drink in the most sustainable way possible, as soon as possible, so that consumers can immediately reduce the impact of their product choices on the environment.

Our role is to influence food and drink producers to create sustainable solutions relevant to their category and their consumer and to do this as soon as possible. We communicate this wherever we operate and with whomever we engage, whether as sponsors of the Sustainability Zone at BlasCymru/TasteWales 2021, as managers of Wales’ Sustainability Cluster, or during our latest category projects for individual clients.

Based in North Wales, we operate throughout the UK and Ireland and also internationally, and we are experts in food and drink category management. Many of our team have spent their entire careers in the food and drink industry, their hands-on experiences and commercial outlook adding real value to our clients, and our proven ability to come up with practical yet inspirational category solutions to consumers tensions regularly convinces clients to repeatedly partner with us.

Come and see us at the Sustainability Zone at BlasCymru/TasteWales 2021.