CEO Cluster

The CEO Cluster has been launched as part of the Welsh Government’s cluster development programme.

According to Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School: “A cluster of independent, formally linked companies and institutions represents a robust organisation form that offers advantages in efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.” California’s Silicon Valley is probably the most successful example of an industry cluster.

The key objectives of the cluster are to help business achieve accelerated growth in sales, profit and staff numbers.

This cluster will appeal to companies that have ambitious growth targets. This growth could be driven by a combination of factors including innovation, new sales channels and new product development, all which may be supported by our work.

Companies will benefit from collaboration with other companies and from the support provided by Food Innovation Wales and the Welsh Government. The collaboration will take a number of forms and could include:

  • Sharing of resources (e.g. equipment)
  • Joint sales initiatives (e.g. co-operation to enter a new export market)
  • Access to market insights (e.g. market research)
  • Access to cluster knowledge (e.g. Food Innovation Wales expertise)
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learnt.


Food Innovation Wales lead this cluster and provide a unique resource for the food and drink industry in Wales.