Honey Cluster

The aim of the Honey Cluster is to enable businesses to create jobs and sustainable economic growth by supporting the sector through the provision of specific support.

The cluster will create a platform for joint action to identify and solve common problems. This will bring together business minded beekeepers who have ambition to grow alongside commercial, government and academic partners. The cluster is dedicated to raising the profile and production of Welsh honey.

The cluster provides support to overcome barriers to growth and facilitates opportunities to work with like-minded businesses. It is primarily aimed at smaller scale honey producers who want to develop their capacity further.

The cluster programme will feature:

  • Businesses with projects on key development opportunities
  • Cluster manager to help you develop solutions for overcoming barriers to growth involving academic institutions, producers, government and a range of stakeholders
  • Tailored specialist mentoring.


Cluster activities include:

  • Peer to peer knowledge exchange
  • Events and workshops
  • Co-operation in commercial activities
  • Sharing cost / resources
  • Adding value
  • Raising awareness of local and regional honey production
  • Private sector businesses driving the research agenda
  • Understanding and entering new markets
  • Access to world leading research
  • Piloting new service provision based on business needs identified.

The Honey Cluster is dedicated to raising the profile and production of Welsh honey. The Welsh Honey Cluster brings together business-minded bee farmers who produce 100% Welsh honey and have ambition to grow supported by commercial, government and academic partners.
The Welsh Honey Cluster recognizes that Welsh bee farmers have a sophisticated understanding and knowledge of bee behaviour, their feeding patterns and how climate changes can affect this activity and provides a platform to further develop these skills and showcase them to a wider audience.