Nutri-Wales Cluster

The Nutri-Wales Cluster connects food and drink producers, academia and government to focus on research and development, innovation, insight and intelligence, and growth in the market space where food, health, nutrition and well-being converge.

The cluster harnesses expertise at Welsh universities, public health and the food centres to stimulate collaborative research and insight, innovation and product development, and access to new markets.

Membership of the cluster is open to all Welsh food and drink producers, academia, food centres, and public sector organisations that have a specific interest in food products, and the relationship between food, nutrition and health.

Nutri-Wales focuses on the following areas:

  • Improving nutritional benefits of food
  • Food and agri-tech projects
  • Climate change and resource efficiency
  • Bio science, life science and health through nutrition
  • Creating value and sustainability
  • Developing nutritionally sound products
  • Nutrition for healthy ageing.


Members of Nutri-Wales will benefit from:

  • Advice and expertise on developing R&D strategies to support growth
  • Access to market and technical insight and intelligence
  • Access to finance opportunities through Welsh, UK and international R&D funding sources
  • Trade development opportunities
  • Access to regulatory and technical advice
  • Access to industry, academic and public health partners for collaborative projects (including international collaborations) to stimulate innovation and new product development.