Seafood Cluster

The Seafood Cluster established in 2015 focuses on collaborative action to identify and solve common problems within the seafood industry in Wales.

The cluster has brought together a range of ambitious fishers, fishmongers, hand gatherers and aquaculture businesses. During this time the cluster has assisted businesses to develop and thrive, creating jobs, accessing new markets and securing new business.

The cluster provides support and the “know how” to help seafood businesses create jobs and develop sustainable economic growth. It enables businesses to develop knowledge and provides opportunities to collaborate and overcome barriers to growth, along with exploring commercial opportunities.

The cluster is aimed at businesses that aspire to develop their capacity. The cluster programme features:

  • Cluster of seafood companies with projects and ideas for key development opportunities
  • Cluster manager to help develop solutions to overcoming barriers to growth
  • Utilise an approach that provides a framework for innovation involving academic institutions, companies and a range of stakeholders to foster improvements in the knowledge base and understanding of business opportunities, with strengthening innovation leading to sustainable growth.


Cluster activities include:

  • Peer to peer knowledge exchange
  • Events and workshops
  • Specialist training
  • Assistance and support to develop business by industry experts and specialist mentors
  • Study tours
  • Sharing costs / resources
  • Setting up of specific special interest groups
  • Understanding and accessing new markets
  • Exploring of trade opportunities
  • Research
  • Accessing new markets.

Welsh seafood businesses are successfully working together to improve their market share and safeguard their livelihoods and communities with 60 seafood businesses across Wales engaged. The Welsh Seafood Cluster is available to all seafood businesses operating in Wales, providing training and support for the whole sector – from fishermen, fishmongers, to merchants, aquaculture, processors, and hand gatherers.

It affords a platform for joint action to solve common industry problems, helps overcome barriers to growth, makes a link between commercial, government and academic partners – with the ultimate aim of adding value to fish and shellfish caught or farmed on the Welsh shores.