Sustainability Cluster

Wales is home to a dynamic agri-food industry, with farmers, fishers, food and drink businesses ranging from the small-holdings, micro, artisan businesses through a range of SMEs to larger farming estates and food companies.

These businesses produce a wide range of products from speciality items for niche markets to high volume items for major distribution networks.

The Welsh Government wishes to embed the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act within Wales’ agri-food business practices, whilst growing the industry, creating jobs and generating sustainable economic growth.

This ambition is being supported by the development of the Sustainability Cluster which aims to profile the agri-food industry through celebrating its sustainability credentials.

By establishing Sustainable Brand Values, the Welsh Government seeks to support the Welsh Food and Drink Industry in their quest to have one of the most sustainable supply chains in the world. In addition, they will benefit from a healthier, more equitable society that is environmentally better and economically stronger.

A well facilitated and productive Sustainability Cluster will support businesses on their journey of continuous improvement to deliver the values of resilience, quality, responsibility and authenticity.

The Sustainability Cluster will utilise the successful triple helix approach adopted by other Welsh Food and Drink Clusters. This model includes government, industry and academia working hand in hand to tackle common industry problems and collaborating to drive the Welsh Food and Drink industry forward.

The Sustainability Cluster programme will support and develop sustainable business practices across Wales including:
  • Raising awareness of brand Wales and projecting its presence on the global stage
  • Generating critical mass of involved and engaged members including business ambassadors to showcase best practice
  • Building the industry’s capability sustainably to deliver the values of resilience, quality, responsibility and authenticity
  • Growing businesses understanding of the benefits of, and evidence for, sustainable engagement including quantifying the financial benefits of sustainable achievements
  • Providing a mechanism for, and facilitating of, sharing best practice and progress on their journey of continuous improvement
  • Engaging with, and providing direction to, all other Food Clusters within Wales and internationally.