Sustainability Zone

Leading food and drink figures joined forces with Welsh Government earlier this year to outline a future strategic vision for industry. 

Looking at areas such as growth and productivity, environmental impact, fair work and raising standards throughout, by working together it is hoped that government and industry can create one of the most environmentally and socially responsible supply chains in the world. 

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The Sustainability Zone will set out Wales’s vision for the food and drink industry, under five individual areas – governance, workers, the environment, community, and customers.

Each hour, the Zone will host live speakers, providing you with the latest information and updates on Wales’s sustainability agenda.

Hear from:

  • Mark Grant who will take you through the 2021/22 plan for the Welsh Sustainability Cluster (available to download) and also take producers through the work that the cluster is doing to help suppliers gain B-Corp Certification.
  • Food Innovation Wales on waste mapping and process efficiency, plus their recently launched 10 point plan for suppliers to support their sustainability journey
  • AMRC will demonstrate their capabilities in sustainable packing and innovative packaging methods
  • Welsh Government’s Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy Division who will be discussing Decarbonisation and a Circular Economy in Wales
  • Welsh Government’s Resource Efficiency & Circular Economy Division will also host a discussion on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) & Deposit Return Schemes (DRS) in Wales
  • Natwest Bank who will be sharing their new sustainability accelerator scheme that is launching to help suppliers in Wales access funding and knowledge to improve their sustainability criteria.

To find out more information on Wales’s vision and what support is available to accelerate the sustainability journey, visit us at Taste Wales!