Tourism Zone

Explore world-class food and hospitality.

An extensive coastline and fertile landscape makes Welsh food and drink that is fresh in every sense. Tradition meets innovation with world-leading brands, artisan producers, and food and drink entrepreneurs bringing out the very best of Welsh flavours.

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Wales offers local food and drink experiences throughout the country at pop-up events and excellent restaurants. With so much to choose from, the dilemma lies in deciding where and what to eat!

Food and drink is a defining part of the Welsh tourism offer. Combining quality seasonal food and local ingredients, interesting places to eat and stay, and some of the world’s best chefs.


Sweet or savoury, meat or vegetarian, Welsh food and drink has never been so diverse. Whether it’s a meal in one of our world-class restaurants or friendly cafés, or delving through locally-sourced treats at our delis and farmers’ markets, Wales is a place to delight your taste buds.

Come and see us at the Tourism Zone which will be inside the Visit Wales 360 immersive event dome.

  • Meet representatives from the tourism industry
  • Be part of smaller food tourism specific breakout sessions
  • See our new food and tourism 360 films
  • Try out food and drink at tasting sessions

We’re also offering a dedicated session for Tourism Zone sponsors, for example, hosting an immersive dining experience to VIP guests.

Visit the Tourism Zone where we can guide you through well-known food and drink from Wales, such as GI Welsh Lamb, cheese, whisky and as well as some of the newer and less known produce, including award-winning wine.

You can find out information about the best places to eat and drink, breweries and distilleries, food producers and Welsh food.